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By Andree Des Lauriers

5 Dec 8, 2017
I was recommended Sophie through a business associate to do proofreading of an online help site for software and was very pleased with her thoroughness and efficiency. She had few questions and got the job done quickly and within the timeline and budget we had agreed to. It was a pleasure to work with Sophie and I definitely recommend her services.
Reply by Focus First Proofreading Dec 8, 2017
Andree, merci beaucoup! I greatly appreciate you taking the time to leave such a nice review. It was a pleasure to work for you and I look forward to having the opportunity to help you once again.
By Focus First Proofreading

5 Jun 28, 2017
Dear Sophie Godon Focus First Proofreading Owner/Senior Proofreader I want to thank you for your work on helping me construct a professional looking and sounding resume, as I hope to re-enter the workforce in the near future. You greatly assisted me with the proper structuring and wording of the necessary documents eg; cover letter, personal profile and page of references, in order for me to present myself efficiently to a prospective employer. I was extremely satisfied with the quality of your work and impressed with your professionalism shown to me throughout this process. Sincerely Gail Laing-Fryer
By Focus First Proofreading

5 Apr 25, 2017
Having worked with Sophie for almost 5 years, I can say that her translations are not only precise, but suited to whatever the subject market. She has shown much appreciated flexibility in accommodating tight deadlines, delivering the translation on time and under budget. She goes the extra mile by ensuring that grammatically the English expressions are correct prior to translating into French. It is a pleasure working with Sophie and I highly recommend her expertise! David Castelli | Digital Media Producer Excel Funds